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Here is the information on what openproblemswiki is, what are its aims, what we are trying to develop it into and more.

Our primary focus would be on Open problems and other interesting problems. The broad classification has been shown in the Main Page.

For each Open problem we want to include the following details:

  • Quick Explanation
  • Formal Definition
  • Status of the problem
  • Origin
  • Rating of difficulty(for example undergrad level or grad level etc)
  • Variants
  • Consequences if solved
  • Generalizations
  • Bibliography
  • Partial results
  • Survey Paper
  • Prize announcements
  • Claims and verifications

Apart from these the following features will also be included:

  • Roadmaps or guidelines for learning certain topics
  • Information about books, course pages and reference materials
  • Informations about relevant departments at various institutes
  • Blog aggregators (Inspired by TCS Blog Aggregator)
  • Seminars/Talks/Workshops Aggregators research stories

annoted papers like fermat's library

recent phd thesis

recent papers

classic papers

favourite opn questions

topology student resources

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